• SPLASHED - The Movie...


    Ooh. We are so excited that you are about to discover and enjoy Splashed! This is the basic package. You want the movie, that's what you got!

    Now get ready for a thrill...

    The story follows Bodyguard Chava de la Cruz (Libier Reynolds) as she struggles with clients who refuse to follow her rules. After violently firing one client, "T-Mo" (Evan Brienza), she takes on a last minute replacement (Joe Comisky) -- a motormouth on a mission, who is clinging to a mysterious satchel.

    Suspicions about her client's innocence peak when the satchel places her in an underground battle with a sex-trafficking kingpin named "Modine" (Mike MacManus), and forces her to choose between protecting her family and stopping a shipment of girls.

  • Splashed - All The Videos


    The following is yours forever:
    • Splashed -- in pristine Digital HD
    • Behind The Story featurette -- get the scoop on the struggles, the fun and the secrets
    • Actor and Director Commentary -- even more scoop from Libier and Sean
    • "You Are Beautiful" music video by Brandon Burgess
    • Making the Splashed Score - Behind The Scenes
    • Splashed Original Trailer -- the one that got us festival play, and our premier
    • Libier's Butt-Kicking Academy -- a behind the scenes look at our lead actress training for fights
    • New Action Trailer (2015)